For long I had an intuition  whether interest in music is closely related to interest in programming. I have the same in both I guess. Today I have gathered myself to find if it was so.

        I adore music so do I programming. I do not sing nor am I good at any instrument however the adoration for music seems inborn in me. I have been fascinated by music since my childhood however programming has taken me a lot of effort to achieve a position in software development. Programming was also in me I guess so.

    Amongst many computer generated music languages are Keykit ,SuperCollider, and Chuck.

 Chuck a computer music programming language is a live example of blend of both programming and music. Real Timed. It is a strongly typed language. It has concurrent audio and multimedia programming features.


     Is there a link between computer programmers and musicians ?

    Musicians may become software developers because of the qualities they possess :

  • Their eye for details
  • Perfectionism
  • They are logical
  • An inherent quality to analyse
  • They are disciplined

There are numerous examples of musicians turned programmers. One such example is Carl Franklyn. He has released an album “From music to Code By”. He is a musician and a software developer…